Faq – Frequently asked questions

Why is there a minimum order?

In the case of toothbrushes, the industrial screen printing techniques used to customize the products are costly, for this reason a minimum order quantity is necessary.

How can I customize the toothbrushes?

It’s very easy.

  1. Select the “START HERE” button
  2. Select “TOOTHBRUSHES”
  3. Choose your favourite model and enter your details


How can I customize the kits?

It’s very easy.

  1. Select the “START HERE” button
  2. Select “KITS”
  3. Choose your favourite kit and enter your details


Can I put my logo on the toothbrush or on the kit’s tag?

On the brush we can only insert text.

On the kit label we have more possibilities to satisfy your needs, contact the company (help@silvercaredentist.com) to the insert of your logo. We will do our best to customize the kit according to your needs.

Can I customize the interdental brush box?

The box of interdental brushes is not customizable, but you can compose the box according to your needs. Choose interdental brush sizes you prefer and add to the box, as many boxes of 100 pieces per size you want, until you reach the 500 pcs.

What makes the Silver Care toothbrush antibacterial and ecological?

The natural antibacterial process is unleashed when water, on contact with silver heads, releases antibacterial active ions that eliminate the bacteria that lurks amongst the bristles.

The Silver Care toothbrush is ecological because of its refillable head. You can keep the toothbrush handle for several years and just replace its head, thus creating less plastic waste in the environment, than with a conventional toothbrush that gets thrown in the garbage can every 2/3 months.

Request fo Assistance

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