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Customise your Silver Care toothbrush with the name of your practice. It’s better than a business card. Choose the model that best suits your patients’ needs.

Customise your Silver Care oral care kit with the name of your practice. It’s better than a business card. Choose the one that best suits your patients’ needs, for adults and kids.


The toothbrush, the most common and important device in the prevention of plaque-related diseases, is subject to constant contamination by saprophyte and pathogenic organisms, found in the oral cavity, which gives it an infective charge for the next use. The data obtained highlights the antibacterial activity of the silver ions deposited on the surface of the toothbrush head that reduce up to 99% the bacterial charge, which instead remains on conventional toothbrushes.

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Eighty million toothbrushes a year, in Italy, produce about 1500 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste. Changing only the toothbrush head, is a small action that translates in sound ecological sensibility and helps reduce waste impact on our environment. Besides which, purchasing the refill heads results in an economical saving.

A few good reasons to do it

Silver Care toothbrushes, thanks to their natural antibacterial properties allow for improved oral hygiene. Offer your patients the best quality oral care products, because their oral hygiene is precious.
It’s worth it.

Silver Care for practitioners

Continuous cooperation with dental practitioners has made Silver Care a unique brand on dental care markets and is used by industry professionals and consumers worldwide. Silver Care is by your side to improve your patients’ hygiene.

Antibacterial! Why use it?

The toothbrush is the most common means of dental prevention, however, coming into contact with the microorganisms within the oral cavity, it undergoes substantial contamination, which becomes an infectious charge for subsequent use.


Some dentists share their experience.

Dr. Susan MacKenzie

What a fantastic motivational tool. This way my patients remember to call me for their check ups. Thank you Silver Care.

Dr. Mark Manderson

I highly recommend these gadgets and my patients are happy to receive them.

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They say that “word of mouth” is the best advertising. Imagine how many people each of your patients can talk to in one day. In a short time, with this promotional tool, you’ll get people talking. Your name will be on everyone’s lips.

Competition amongst professionals today, especially in the dental field, is really tough. Stand out and leave an indelible mark on your patients. Through this powerful marketing tool, give your patients the details of your practice. It works better than a business card.

Choose between the different solutions and customize them as you want!

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